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    This is probably not the right forum, but I want someone to explain to me why I should buy a new pc and use Premiere Pro instead of buying a IMAC and using iMovie.

    A guy had 10 clips and in 5 minutes he managed to create a movie. It was amazing.
    To pick a 10 second section from a clip he just highlighted the part and clicked a button and you had your new clip. No need to export to a new file and save it or render it.

    I have used Premiere Pro in a very basic format so if there are major benefits in using it instead of a Mac please let me know.

    I think it will be the end of my pc and welcoming a MAC.


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    iMovie is a very basic video editing program on the MAC whereas Premiere Pro either on a PC or (can't remember if it's still made for the MAC) is a serious video editor so you really can't compare them. You can do just exactly the same things on a MAC (don't be swayed by fancy sales jargon into parting with more money than you need to).

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    Final Cut Pro is the Apple "serious" editing software, but if just throwing a few clips about with an odd cut here and there is all you need - go with imovie and an Apple Mac.

    I'm all for an simple easy life (so why am I using AE7, PPro V2 on a PC I keep asking myself!!)

    In my opinion some of these software creators/designers need to take a serious step back and have a look at a complete beginner trying to figure out (without any prompting mind!!) how to use their products. I feel they might just learn something about the real world for a change. I'm quite frankly getting tired (and ill) screaming at computer screens in pure frustration!! (and I've been at it for 20 years or so - don't talk to me about 3D modelling or After Effects!!) Yes by all means have all the finite detail stuff at a deeper level of access but keep all the broad everyday workman tools at the top in a clear (idiot proof) understood way.

    And this is where I feel Apple have a far better grip of the market and the typical requirements of the users.
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