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Thread: Long Conversion Time & Converting to FLV

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    Exclamation Long Conversion Time & Converting to FLV


    I have been using Sony Vegas for a while now, and I have made some superb videos! Have been mainly editting videos, and recently have been requested to add intro's to some short speeches (max 50mins video).

    I have been given the speech videos on DVD, they are VOB files. But the problem is, it took my PC 17 hours to convert to WMV!!! Now this can't be right, .. right?

    Below are my computer spec, if you could advice me why this is so, i'd appreciate it:

    AMD Athlon 64 BIT 3700+
    1.00GB Ram
    Windows XP Professional SP2
    Graphics Card – NVDIA GeForce 6200SE

    I have a part-2 problem also, these videos will be streamed on websites in a flash player, and need to be in FLV. Does Sony Vegas support FLV? As I could not find any option to convert to FLV. Now converting them again to FLV using a FLV convertor is so time consuming, what video editting package as good as Sony Vegas can do this?

    Hope to hear from ya'll soon.

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    Incase my previous post was confusing, I would like to know:

    1) It is normal for a video to take 17 hours to convert from VOB to WMV in SonyVegas?
    2) Does SonyVegas allow one to export their video created to FLV format?
    3) What good video package would you reccomend (like SonyVegas) that allows one to export to FLV?


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    I can't comment on your setup as a factor of long render times. But try this: - Highlight a small - 1 minute - of your MPG and render to WMV. No edits, just straight render. Note how long and do the math for 50 minutes. That's if you want an indication to your first question.

    I do notice you have 1 gb of RAM. Now Vegas does need to use caching to do the rendering. If you are biting into your HD for render activity then RAM will be at a premium to shuffle stuff to cache. More rendering activity requires a great deal of caching activity and that is reflected on the amount of free ram you have AND free HD space. I've got better rendering with a cleaner disc SEPARATE internal disc - I render to an internal F: drive.

    Now to your workflow.

    You are going straight from MPG to WMV -yes? You are also adding edits - yes? You are also adding Text - yes? Well ALL of this is going to hog processing power - period. Added to which you haven't said IF you are rendering BACK to the same HD you have the source material. Yes?

    What I would do would be to render to an AVI and then render that to WMV. If I was happy with the quality, I would then crack on. You are doing a mighty jump from MPG to WMV.

    There is another way you may wish to try. Play the DVD and capture then output as an AVI onto the timeline. Try a small section and check your quality. If it is GOOD enough - you ARE ending up with WMV - then do some edits and text and so on.

    Tell me? Did you IMPORT the DVD through the IMPORT DVD Disc option? You say VOB files. How have you imported these into Vegas?

    Interesting post.


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    1. It is abnormal for a video to take so long time to convert in SonyVegas. Sorry I'm not sure because I never convert vob files in SonyVegas.
    2. SonyVegas can't generate flv files.
    3. I use another video converter to convert videos to flv format. Link here

    Hope it helps.

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    Default hmm

    Well My new comp has 2GB of RAM. When i dled my first converter it took 16 hours to convert a rmv file to WMV. it wasnt right. I suggest u find a different converter. I used to use SC Video converter but not anymore since all my video's quality was downgraded by like half for some reason. Just google for a free converter.

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    Hi, Thank you for your reply.
    I think you hit it on the nail! I made a big mistake jumping from VOB to WMV; I didn’t even think it would matter (I’m new to this) .. I’ve just converted the VOB to WMV – imported it into SonyVegas added all the effects, now I am rendering to WMV.

    Yea I opened up the DVD, and then copied the VOB files to my hardrive, then simply dragged them into SonyVegas!!

    Now could you kindly explain what’s the difference in SonyVegas “Make Movie” and “Render As” – I’ve been doing “Make Movie” – maybe that’s another mistake?

    Thanks, Await your replies


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    After converting the VOB to WMV and importing that into SonyVegas, the rendering time was reduced from 15-17 hours to 2.40hours!

    As for file size, has reduced from 533MB to 166MB!

    ^ So this is very good., Only shame is the quality is not CRISP CLEAR as the VOB was.. any suggestions?

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