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    Hi there

    i have inserted my video. into timeline right. It does play but

    I would like to know how to show all of the file in timeline

    if the video is 30secs or whatever i would like to see the frames etc to 30secs

    not just thumbnailed at the start and end

    i have a pic if u need what im trying to say
    just cause its expensive dont men its good

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    I don't think that's possible...

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    thats funny cause Vegas 3,4 sonic foundry does

    so why dont PREMIERE
    just cause its expensive dont men its good

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    Probably for exact reason in your signature .

    I've played around for a while in Premiere Pro, and I'm pretty sure the only visual representation you can get is the thumb nail...

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    if it's the same as in Premiere 6.0 then you right-click on the timeline, go to timeline window options and change the "track format" to whatever option you want. I hope this helps. I'm not quite sure what you mean so it might not work

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    Sorry, I was completely wrong. To have a view like Vegas, click on the icon as shown in the bottom left of the image (Set Display Type), then select show frames.

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