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Thread: When I import AVI I only get the sound track in Las Vegas

  1. Default When I import AVI I only get the sound track in Las Vegas

    This is my first time trying video editing with this program when I drag a clip that is e.g. wmv there is no problem but if I drag an avi I only get the sound track ?

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    this avi clips came from my cannon SD600 camera ...

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    I think it is due to the codec.
    Drag it to gspot and check which video codec it uses.

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    I had a similar problem with my Pentax It's down to Codecs. Bryant is right - use G-Spot to determine the codec then download that codec and reboot your machine.

    My solution, although not the best way but it should work.:

    Drag clips into Windows movie maker then save that movie as a high res wmv, then bribng em back to Vegas

    (I'm sure its a typo on your part but the application is called Sony Vegas not LAS Vegas)
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    I'm actually having trouble with this. I downloaded a Naruto episode (it was an .AVI file) for my AMV (Anime Music Video) and i uploaded it onto Vegas 7, no video. I tried to upload it onto WMM and it just closes cause of an "overflow" when the file is 122 MB and i have uploaded files that were 2GB.

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    Drag your avi files to gspot, how it tells?

    OK, an easy way, find a video converter to convert the avi to wmv or other video format and then import it to vegas.

    If you still have questions, post it here

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    I have this same problem with my canon a620. The AVI files only read as audio.

    I work around this problem by using SUPER video converter. It's free and works well.

    The files need to be converted to DV *digital video formant. I use AVI as the container, and WAV as the audio codec.

    This works, but is inconvenient as it needs to be done for every clip.

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    Uhh like...hi? Sorry to bring out an extremely dead thread but... I have the codecs needed to play/import the friggin avi files to Vegas, but I'm still getting this problem. What am I supposed to do now so I CAN import them in Vegas (because I really don't wanna screw around WMM etc...)? =='

    EDIT: Ugh nevermind, I downloaded another set of codecs instead of the old ones I had. No clue why they suddenly stopped working when they worked perfectly ever since I got them... K nevermind then, all's fixed, ignore this.
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