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    I'm a student working on a production involving GoKart footage (inside and out or kart.) I'm trying to figure out if i will get less shaky handheld footage (without knowledge of steadycam) with the Sony FX1 HD or should I use my Panasonic DV SD. Please offer any tips that you can. Thanks!

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    Unless that HD camcorder has some kind of magical stabilisation system, then your handheld shots bouncing around in a go kart will still be there.

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    a bullet cam attached to a helmet, or mounted to the frame of the go-kart (with some for of damping if needed) would be best.

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    yea, that's what i figured. I don't have the ability to purchase a bullet cam right now. I guess i'll just do close up shots from outside the kart and of the track. Do you think the DVcam will produce a less shaky image if i were to do it inside the kart vs. the HD sonyfx1?

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    The dampening system can be a set of springs located on a box-like shell. Springs on the top and the bottom pulling against each other's force will create a completely stable shock absorption system without spending thousands of dollars on a computational system which adjusts to the variances of a vehicles movement.
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    it sounds like what i'm looking for. do you know of anywhere that has plans for that kinda thing...i'm nowhere near engineer status. I haven't built anything since I was a kid making ramps.

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