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    I have had sony vegas 7 since Christmas and it has worked fine and I have made many movies with it. Just last week I tried to render a movie as .wmv (like i always do) and it rendered to about 5% and then an error message popped up saying that I needed to close out. I went back and tried to save it as other types of video formats like .avi and .mpg4 but the error message still pops up. Sometimes a different message come up saying that my virtual memory is low, and when i close out of sony vegas 7 my computer's memory is normal.

    here is a screenshot of my problem.

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    Does it always bomb out at the same place? If so it might be you've got a corrupt clip. Try deleting the clip s around where the error occurs and retry (not a cure, you realise, just a means of narrowing the problem down)

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    How much HD space have?

    How much of it is defragged?

    Have you looked in your Vegas Temp directory? See if you have old mouldy *.tmp and "other" files lurking?

    Do you render To your HD?

    I also notice that you have at least 3 FXs on unrendered NTSC footage? Is your footage NTSC - your Project is set so? And on top of that you are rendering to WMV? Now, in all fairness to Vegas Plat - you DO have Vegas Plat - it WILL do all of this you are asking. However, the more constipated a system becomes, then the more difficult it is to "squeeze" your masterpiece OUT!

    So, check out the condition of your HD C: drive and get back to us. If you working as close to the bone with your CACHING - this is used for rendering - then you/we can have issues.


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    PLease reply so we can help you! First thing I would try is getting rid of the clip it stops rendering at... also if it happens again, see what the Data/Error Report contains.

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