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    Hi guys

    I want to purchase a video graphics accelerator card n wanted to get advice from ya'll. Which card below 100 dollars can u people recommend? I have vegas 7.0.Thanx

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    Current versions of Vegas make no use of the Graphics Processor Unit (GPU) on the video card for effects etc, so Vegas will run quite happily on just about anything. When I last replaced my system, I used a Gigabyte card based on the nVidia Geforce 7600GT 256MB RAM. I was pleasantly surprised at the improvement in my preview quality but I'm not sure how mucg - if any -was down to gthe graphics card. Main reason for purchase was it used heatpipes rather than fans for cooling - hence silent!

    It has been announced that future versions of Vegas ARE likely to make use of GPUs. I don't think we know yet what chips in particular, though there does seem to be some sort of alliance between Sony Media Software and ATI. Thus, all other things being euqal, it would seem senible to buy something based on an ATI chip.

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