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Thread: first short - comments welcome

  1. Default first short - comments welcome its filmed using a mobile phone, but thats all i have right now. Im very happy with the sound however so please play loud and watch full screen!

    Comments are most welcome.


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    The sound was cool, but what was the message?

    Are you comparing Modern coorperations to Nazis?
    Are you playing on our assosiation with logos?
    Are you pointing out the fact that the swastika was an ancient symbol which represents an item that brings well being, and is therefore exactly what the other logos are trying to be?

    Keep it up, but try to be a bit directional with your message.

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    Thanks MOSH

    Your second point is more where i am aiming at with this. playing on our assosiation with logos and more to the point the power that they can have.

    This is my first effort so i will post more soon!


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