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Thread: No audio when capturing from DV

  1. Default No audio when capturing from DV

    I have a Sony Digital 8 Handycam which Im trying to capture video into Windows Moviemaker using a usb/firewire cable.

    On playing the tape in the cam, I can hear all the sound that was recorded during the event, but I hear nothing from the PC spkers.

    - The sound card is working fine - other sounds, games etc can be heard.
    - The video picture is being captured ok.
    - Ive checked the volume control in windows and all audio options (line-in, stereo, mono, etc) are maxxed and not muted.

    Ive have managed to do this before, but probably in my attempts to get my last project working I may have moved something and forgotten about it!

    However, if I capture screen motion using s/w capture that plays fine.

    Im sure Im missing something pretty basic out but I cant for the life of me figure out what?!

    Can anyone help?

    EDIT: THe INPUT level is now zero when Im shown the first window after clicking CAPTURE from VIDEO DEVICE in the lefthand panel at moviemakers main screen.
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    Have you seen/tried this?

    Scroll down to where it says "Why can't I hear any audio when I capture video by using DV pass-through?"

    That's my opinion. If you don't like it I have others

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    Thx, The link for DV-passthru is broken, but I managed to locate the article. Ive read the cams manual which doesnt indicate one way or another if I can do this, but it has S-video and a A/V port. Ive connected the latter up to the PCs gfx card but still no luck in moviemaker.

    I have noticed however, that anything played in the capture window(and for that matter media player) now displays with a purple tone. This is true for all vids, even those captured before hand or downloaded from the www.

    Im beginning to think that it may have something to do with the CODECs that were most likely installed with screen capture s/w I was trialling last week.

    Having checked the codecs installed (CPanel) I cant make out which were installed recently and therefore could have caused the problems.

    There is no disable feature either, so Im not sure if I remove one, what it may do to screw up the PC even more, nor how Im going to be able to get it back - as there is no filepath ID.

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    Ok - I believe Ive got this to work using the USB Audio Device input rather than the soundcard.

    I now have another problem.

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    Ok... just for completeness Im adding this here in case someone gets a similar problem.

    The problem with sound was probably me just not selecting something and just being dumb. However a new problem manifested yesterday as attempting to capture through Moviemaker or playing in Mediaplayer was displaying the video in a purple haze.

    This turned out to be a problem with Directdraw, though I dont know how come. Mediaplayer 10 was downloaded today, but I dont believe this was an issue. I simply disabled directdraw and the purple haze has gone. It probbly wasnt an issue with the capture or with mediaplayer, but some incompatibilty between directx (directdraw) and the codec being used.

    Thankfully, all previous captures and new ones are now showing fine but I cant believe I will have to disable directdraw all the time when I need to view or capture something.

    If i find a proper solution I post, or even better if someone comes across this and knows the fix - can you post it here.

    Ill owe you a virtual beer or ale....

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