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    Hi there,

    I'm looking for some advice. I'm involved in a project that targets disadvantaged areas using a mobile multi media centre (basically a van kitted out with mac books, a mac book pro and other equipment)

    The van will run projects with people aged 11-19, with workshops on video, music, animation etc.

    We are in the process of purchasing the software and I was wondering what video editing titles you might recommend taking in to account the participant's age and a fairly limited budget?

    Would you recommend one title for the younger children and another for the older ones? The project may also be used for adult learning too.

    Any help would be grealty appreciated.

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    If you're having workshops, wouldn't the workshop leaders advise you on what software would be needed for their particular area/projects?
    You're certainly looking for software that has an easy learning curve and isn't complicated. The audio basics are SoundStudio, which has the easiest interface, is full of features, yet is so simple to use; coupled with Toast and Jam - Jam assembles music tracks together and makes a disc image, and Toast burns it to CD. Toast also burns DVDs and Video CDs. If iDVD and iMovie came with the Mac OS on the computer, then you have the basis for importing video from that shot with a camcorder, editiing in iMovie, and authoring and burning in iDVD. If not, it comes in an iLife package from Apple quite reasonably priced.
    You make me wish you were up this way, just over the border in Scotland - sounds like it would be great fun to show these lads how the software works!
    Any other help, just private me.
    Terry in Scotland
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