Hello to everyone from Spain,
I have material on DVC pro 50 that I would like to transfer to MINiDV with firewire to work with that in my MiniDv setting with Sony Vegas. My computer is not big enought to work with DVCpro 50
I have seen that I canīt transfer from a DVCpro 50 player to my panasonic consumer camcorder with Fire wire record input because the output of the DVCpro50 Player is DVCpro50 and my camera donīt do the conversion, I thought this could be done, I realize I had no idea.
So I have two options, if anyone knows if this can be done some other way , please tell me. In a digital way, not using the analog output of the DVC50 Player
The other option is that I upgrade or buy a new computer for this.
What would be the minimun requirement to work with DVCpro50 ? and how much gigabytes per hour this format consumes?
Thanks very much for ypur help
best regards