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Thread: Ulead jitter problems

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    Angry Ulead jitter problems

    This is my first post here - so be gentle!
    I arrived here after general net searching for the issues I have.

    I am using Ulead VideoStudio 9 and Ulead DVD Workshop 2.

    I took the video from my camcorder and saved it on my PC as mpeg files rather than AVI. This was to save space, but something I won't be doing again.

    There were 7 files in all. I used VideoStudio to edit each individual clip down considerably and added some music (usual home movie cheesyness I guess ) then saved each edited file.

    This is where my probelms started. Each edited file when played back on the PC was very jittery. I tried a few different saving options and resolved the issue but I don't know why there was an issue. I originally saved the files as' DVD PAL 4:3'. To remove the jitter I resaved the files as 'MPEG2'. This took longer to save but resulted in a smaller file size. What I don't understand is why would this remove the jitter? DVD is MPEG2 anyway, right?
    I can only think it is somethign to do with bit rates.

    Anyway, after editing my seven files, I made the actual DVD with DVD Workshop 2. Each of the 7 files became a title and I created chapters within each title. The titles ranged from 3 - 13 minutes long (approximately). I burned the DVD to folder and tried to play it back on the PC using NERO. NERO played it back with jitter where as the ulead software showed no jitter!

    I still took a chance and burned it to disc and it plays without jitter in my LiteOn stand alone player. What is that about? There is a short pause between titles though, but nothing to major and I can live with it but I would still like to know why that happens as well!

    What I'm going to do tonight is try creating the DVD with lower bit rates (if i can work out how) and I may see what I get if I rip the created DVD back into the PC.
    All other DVD files (from back ups) play fine from filders on my PC so I am confinced it is something Ulead is doing.

    can anyone understand my issues and possibly provide a little help?


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    What is your computer setup and did you connect your camcorder to the computer with a USB cable?

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    We have created many high quality video tutorials on Ulead Products:

    Free How-to Video Tutorials by TakeOneFlix

    These were created in consultation with the Ulead Staff. They are being offered for free at TakeOneFlix

    Lots of tips, tricks and how-to in video format. Fast loading videos.



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    I connected the Camcorder up with firewire and saved the files. The was a few months ago. They had been sitting on my PC waiting for me to edit them down (all backed up though of course).

    However, the issue appears to be with NERO and not Ulead after a little more investigation. I put the burnt DVD back into the PC and it played fine with WMP.

    Now to work out why NERO (6) doesn't like it!!

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    Hi ImageGrill,

    We have created lots of high quality video tutorials on capture, editing etc.

    Free How-to Video Tutorials by TakeOneFlix

    So take advantage of these. Also, I suggest you also check this Ulead Forum called Ulead Web Board:

    Corel User to User Web Board :: Index

    You are more likely to find answers here specific to Ulead. There are many volunteers who work here to keep the forum active and you'll get immideate answers.

    Best regards,


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