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Thread: Batch encoding - options

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    I have some 50 files of around 300MB or so that I want to encode to a smaller size.

    If there any program that can help me, does the sony vegas lite edition has this options ?

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    If you are already running a version of Vegas that handles SCRIPTING, then:

    Go > Tools > Scripting "Batch Render" is part of the workflow.

    You can highlight a region, project or selection; you can choose from ALL the myriad of render options presently available PLUS you can give it/them a group base file name.

    So, what version of Vegas are you running?


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    Ah! So what is the "lite" version of Vegas?


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    oh i meant a version that is 200 or less versus the one that is 500 or so

    thank you for the information, I got the trial now so I will give it a try

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