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Thread: Ideal Monopod for a pd150

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    Default Ideal Monopod for a pd150

    I am not going to go hand held with the pd150 at a wedding again. Anyone able to recommend the best monopod for this camera? what about the self standing manfrotto one?

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    Are you a guest at the wedding or have you been hired to record it? If you have been hired to record it, then I would suggest a tripod instead of a monopod. Keeping a monopod perfectly upright all through a wedding service and I presume a reception afterwards will be awkward.

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    Thanks. No I will be using a tripod whenever I can but for those run and grab shots or where space is restricted - such as in the Bride's home, I want to use a monopod because the PD150 is just not balanced enough for hand held shots. I ordered the Manfrotto 582 with makeshift legs and fluid head. Hopefully it should be good enough.

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