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Thread: The Lost Sock goes on TV

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    Members of this forum, who supported me with good humour and considerable patience when I was involved in making this, may wish to ensure their TV dishes are unplugged on Saturday at noon. Here's the press release:

    The Lost Sock, the only full length feature film ever made from start to end in Felixstowe, Suffolk, is to be shown on TV.

    It's world TV premiere is at noon on Saturday, 1st September on Information TV, Sky channel 167, and it will be shown at the same time every Saturday during September, plus another showing every Friday night at midnight!

    The film was made entirely on an amateur basis, and came about after a casual chat between director Chris Gosling and writer Dave Feakes. Dave's writing group, The Felixstowe Scribblers, created a script that was originally to be 4 or 5 five-minute episodes, but became a 90-minute feature!

    Shooting was entirely in Felixstowe during 2005 and 2006, and over 100 local people, firms and organisations were involved. The police provided a couple of special constables and a squad car to arrest the bad guys, the Port of Felixstowe provided an ambulance and crew, and Charlie Manning gave the crew free rein in his amusement arcades. Radio Suffolk presenter Rachel Sloan was shot outside the pier, and Evening Star Felixstowe Editor Richard Cornwell bravely resisted attempts to intimidate him!

    The film became a regular part of the Felixstowe scene, culminating in it's world premiere in 2006 at the town's Spa Pavilion, where nearly 500 people sat and watched it. Over 200 copies of the DVD have since been sold, while tens of thousands watched the original episode format on the internet, where it was first shown.

    On learning about the TV showings, director Chris Goslng said, "The film was watched by the broadcaster, who was tickled pink by the quirky humour and local appeal. Information TV Chief Executive Fred J Perkins told me that he thought it was a slow to start, but that after the first ten or fifteen minutes, it picked up pace and was lots of fun."

    "For myself, I'm terrifically proud of having been part of a real community effort, where so many local people got involved. And getting the film on TV is the icing on the cake!"
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    Cool !
    How much did they pay you?

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