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Thread: clip backup on external drives

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    Default clip backup on external drives

    When I backup clips on an external drive, the clips lose their audio locks. In other words they have to be loaded into Premier as separate audio and video clips. The project file then does not know what to do with them. The question is; How do you backup projects with their associate clips on external devices?

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    I use an external hard dirve for some of my video work and have not had this problem. Premiere does sometimes have an issue with audio tracks, where the video gets imported with no audio. The only way round it that I have discovered is to seperate the audio track with audio software (Adobe Audition or such like) and to import the audio on its own. Its annoying but I know why I happens.


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    Both your video and audio files should all be in the same folder(s), are you creating folders yourself on your external hard disk and copying files across?

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