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Thread: aberduh vids

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    Default aberduh vids

    check out all of our videos nat youtube and type in aberduh

    or check out our website at ABERDUH MOVIES |


    matt patrick
    actor and ad exe

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    if you want people to watch ur movies, link them individually.

    Post a link to an actual video rather than another page that people have to look through to find a video with no idea as to what they are going to find.

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    In other words, if you want critique, you have to invest a little time, pitch the movie in question and ask for opinions.

    Of course if you just want to google a bunch of video related web-fora and spam them with links to your vids to get youtube hit count, then good luck with that

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    Sorry but them videos were crap, crap sound and your shooting was all over the place.

    Sorry honesty is the best policy
    DUDE were's my car

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    I would agree, Take your time and plan out what you want to do, isn't it better to make something to be proud of then to rush.

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