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Thread: Studio LE 8.0 Not Initializing DV Capture Device

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    Default Studio LE 8.0 Not Initializing DV Capture Device


    I'm a complete newbie and I'm trying to save my movies from my Canon MV 830i through Studio LE 8.0. However, when I attempt to 'start capture' a box pops up saying that it 'cannot initialize the DV capture device. Please ensure that the camcorder is connected and turned on.'

    I've also checked for upgrade downloads but the website asks me to register my software first. The serial number (found with the HELP assistant) I've entered '0000000000' says that that someone has already registered software using this serial number.

    My PC runs on Windows XP (Home Edition) and I can't remember if the Pinnacle Studio LE 8.0 came as part of the software package.

    Any help to try and get me started would be a great help.

    Thanks in advance


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    The camcorder needs to be in 'play' mode, not just turned on, if that helps.
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