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Thread: Problems rendering using Virtual Edit.

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    Default Problems rendering using Virtual Edit.


    I really hope someone is familiar with this program or this type of problem, and can help with this as i've no clue!

    Recently bought Virtual Edit - a cheap but seemingly effective basic editing program, but when I try to render (no matter what the output file is) it stops halfway through rendering the video, displaying the error code: 0x0002063a. On another occasion (when trying to render to wmv i think) the same happened but I got the error code: 0xc00012d. I tried to find out more about these codes but couldn't find anything except something about Direct Show Filter Codecs.

    This is so frustrating as like I said, it always happens when the project is about 5-10 minutes from completion - PLEASE HELP!!!


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    In addition to the above, it says that the Direct Show Filter Codecs are not compatible with a file because of the file type - despite having rendered over half the video already!

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