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Thread: Buffer overrun with Cineform - help requested

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    Default Buffer overrun with Cineform - help requested

    Hello Everyone,

    I am capturing from my 1080i footage using Cineform HD Connect.

    Intermittenly, I get an error message on the Cineform log window that says "Buffer overrun whilst capture...try defragmenting your disk".

    The surprising thing is that despite this error message the capture is complete and I do end up with footage that is actually captured on both AVI and m2t files.

    However, the duration of the AVI file is very slightly shorter than the m2t file.

    I have three questions:

    1. What is buffer overrun?

    2. What problems does buffer overrun cause?

    3. How can I solve this problem?



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    I use Cineform Aspect HD all the time and have not seen this error.

    I hate to point a forum member elsewhere but on this occasion it is justified I think.

    by far the very best place to get help with Cineform s/w products is this forum CineForm Software Showcase - The Digital Video Information Network which speciallises in them and is frequented by the top tech guys from Cineform. Depending on your question abnd poissible answers they may simply request you 'open a support ticket' with Cineform support though.

    For users of Cineform products this is by far the best place to be and I suggest you register yourself there for the future.



    p.s. Don't you owe me a curry? lol

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    Hello Alan,

    Thank you for your reply. I actually figured out that the reason for this buffer overrun message is that I am dropping frames whilst capturing.

    I will discuss this issue with the Cineform guys. I already have an open ticket with them.

    I registered with the Digital Video Information network forum two weeks ago but I am very frustrated that I cannot post any messages on that forum because Chris, the moderator of that forum, has yet to approve my membership. I have e-mailed Chris a few times, but he has not replied at all. I even got my wife to join, just in case Chris has forgotten about me, but still no luck.

    Alan, please post a message on that forum for the attention of Chris or for any other moderator to notify them that Kamran has been waiting since two weeks for membership approval.

    I am desperate to post a message for David Newman, but I am frustrated because Chris has still not approved my membership.

    My India movie project deadline has been extended until 10th September, so please let me know if you have had a response to the ticket submitted by you via CineForm support.

    I not only owe you a curry but a beer or two as well. Perhaps in the next few that OK?

    Please keep me informed.


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    I see you got your membership sorted Kam. I hope you get things sorted.

    My experience of those guys is very positive and they will def help as much as poss.

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    Yes Alan,

    Thanks for all your help. My membership was certainly sorted out thanks to you.

    I have read your personal e-mail and am about to send you a reply.

    Take care.


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