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Thread: Subtitles are cut half-way

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    Default Subtitles are cut half-way

    Hi, I had some hard-subbed avi's encoded into it and I tried putting the avi on the dvd. The thing is that once I putted it on the dvd and started watching it on the dvd player it stretches out the picture and I could only see half way of the subtitles, i went to the dvd menu on the dvd player but its on normal so it is not the dvd player thats messing this up. on the computer it is not stretched out and I did not made any changes to the dvd creator when I added the avi to the dvd. I think its probably because of the TV safe zone so im wondering is there a program so that I could add a little black on the edges of the avi? I want something free and that works

    Please.. I would appreciate it
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