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Thread: VMS 8.0 - problem with adding pic's

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    Default VMS 8.0 - problem with adding pic's

    Dear all,

    I really appreciate the high level of expertice in this forum.

    TIM thanks for your helpful hints. Moving the folder with the a current *.vf and Media files worked perfectly. VMS didnt even ask for a new path - it automatically recognized the change - wow !

    I have some problems with adding pics to a project. Picture format is jpeg. What i do is - adding pics to the bin - drag and draw them to the timeline - (i combine movie with some pics) - so far so good...
    If i want to review this event, VMS does not respond anymore. I need to close VMS by force and reopen again (restored safety copy)

    Am i doing anything wrong ?

    thanks for you guys advise


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    On the face of it, it sounds like either a bug or you've got something corrupt on the timeline. Very slim possibility of faulty RAM or other hardware. I'm afraid you'll need to run a series of tests so you can narrow down precisely what causes the problem. If it's one particular clip or jpg then just avoid it - otherwise it might be a case of reporting it to Sony (after checking here first, of course).

    Suggest you try/answer the following.

    1. After you've restored the safety copy, can you save that copy and work with that without problem?
    2. Create a project with JUST those JPGs in - does the problem recur?
    3. Create a project with JUST the video and other JPGs
    4. Create a project with different video and the troublesome JPGs
    5. Try it with diferent types of media (you mentioned in other posts you're using mp2, mp3 etc. It may be that just a certain combination causes problems - it shouldn't, of course, but it might.
    6. Try adding the jpgs in a different way (drag directly from explorer in Vegas or from Windows explorer)

    From your previous posts I'm guessing you don't need anyone to tell you how to troubleshoot, so apologies if I've come across as patronising.

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