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Thread: HELP WITH 16MM B&W Film.

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    I recently transfered over my 16mm BW film to DVD. Looks great and plays great. I then want to edit the material. So I imported it using Adobe Premiere Elements 4.0. The quality is terrible. It's very pixelated. I tried every setting and still looks like crap. What can I do?

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    When you say it looks great are you viewing it on a television or PC ? or both ? If you pause on the PC is the frame you pause on pixellated ? Perhaps you could post a frame grab

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    When you say you imported it, do you mean off the DVD? Do you not have the original capture file or files? Hopefully in some other video file format? The format of the file on the DVD (mpeg2) is an end delivery format and is such shouldn't be used to edit. When you have put a video onto a DVD, that's pretty much the end of the production line. Mpeg videos and trying to edit them in Adobe Premiere can cause a lot of problems.

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