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Thread: second cameraman fee?

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    Default second cameraman fee?

    how much do you charge?
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    You need to know how many hours you'll be working, how much travelling is required and whether youll have to cover any of your own costs (be that the use of your own camera, lunch, travel expenses etc). Only then can you work out your hourly rate and compare that to what you could earn doing something else (or perhaps even nothing). If you're a novice needing work, then you're marginal hourly rate will be lower due to (a) your willingness to gain experience (b) the fact that you can command only a lower salary and (c) the likelyhood that this is more of a hobby which provides additional income on top of a regular salary. If you're experienced, it will be higher.

    So I strongly recommend you deconstruct the offered salary, work out the hourly rate, then compare this against (a) the effective hourly rate if you were to film and edit an entire wedding and (b) the effective hourly rate of an alternative use of your saturday (how much is yiur leisure time worth?).

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