I'm new here and new to editing. I recently replaced my Sony Digi 8, with a Sony MiniDV ((DCR-HC96E) as the Digi 8 camera function had failed . My first editing job was to recover material from a Digi 8 tape. I captured in .avi, edited and recorded the project back to to tape on my new MiniDV, using Ulead VS9. The project was a mix of vid clips and stills taken from a digital camera. The problem is that the vertical black bars show on the video clips when the project is shown on my tv - the stills show full-screen.
I have experimented and found that if I take the still out of the project the vid clips then show full-screen without the bars. Is there a way to overcome this problem without having to take the still out of the final movie.
Any help would be appreciated. Thanks