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    hello im new to this forum and the reason im posting this is because i currently own an analog camcorder and wish to edit my movies on the computer, now i was wondering if anyone here knows if this product is any good? here are the specs

    Pinnacle PCI Video Capture and Editing Card, Model "Studio AV/DV"
    Ports In: S-Video/composite In+1394 In
    Ports Out: S-Video/composite Out+1394 Out
    Video Formats: NTSC Only
    Video Display: 30 frames/60 fields per second, Up to 720x480
    Interface: PCI
    Accessories: 4-6 Pin DV/FireWire cable, Studio 8 Software, Driver CD, Manual
    Surported OS: Windows 98SE/ME/2000/XP

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    It'll "do the job" and you'll no doubt have no problems with capture. But a lot of people look down on Pinnacle Studio and a few of its bugs, so you might want to do a google search on that. Given that analogue to digital cards at that price range will pretty much all "do the job", you might want to take a look around for cards bundled with other software.

    But, saying that, Pinnacle have PLENTY of happy customers, and if you get Studio 8 bundled, you'll have an app that's designed for the beginner with the ability to do every stage of DVD creation - capture right through to author and burn.
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