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Thread: Recording From VHS through Canon XM2 to PC

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    Default Recording From VHS through Canon XM2 to PC

    I'm a bit of newbie to this whole thing and i'm looking for some advise.

    I'm advised that you can record VHS through a Camcorder to Computer. However I've tried to do this using a Canon Xm2 to Connected via A/V port on XM2 to VHS player and then firewire to PC. However I never get anything recorded. I've turned on the feature AV to DV feature to no success. I always seem to get black screen recording!

    Any advise would greatly recieved.


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    I have a XM2 but haven't ever tried using it as a pass through. However, can't you simply record to tape and then digitise from the tape in the normal manner?

    That's my opinion. If you don't like it I have others

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    By using the digital camcorder in 'the loop' you are creating an analogue to digital convertor. Check your settings in the menu of the Canon and make sure the AV is set to in, also check your connections and that DV is set to out. This is the set up I used with a Panasonic recently and it worked with no problems.

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