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Thread: Recommandation for a TV and Vegas

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    Hi all,

    I changed my monitor yesterday and got a 20" Samsung LCD Monitor (SyncMaster 206BW). It's a pretty nice screen and I think it will be enough for my use for now. I hesitated between getting one or two but since I mostly work on small 5-15 minutes long clips and I feel that have enough room on the timeline for now. I'll see later when my projects gets more complicated.

    Anyway, I'd like to hook up a small regular LCD TV onto my editing workstation to preview my work on the "real thing". I'm using Vegas 7.0e.

    My question is: How can I do that? Do I need some special hardware (AJA Video Device, Blackmagic Device, etc...). Can we just hook up the TV to the graphic card? I do have 3 ports on my graphic card (Asus X1600 Serie), one digital, one analog, I think one S-Video... I'm a bit lost and would appreciate some input as to what's the best approach before I purchase a new TV. I'm aiming at something around 20" - 16:9, etc...

    Thanks for your help!

    Benoit Bissonnette

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    If you have TV out you try that port and put the preview screen in on that screen.
    The best way is to feed the Fire Wire out to a decoder or Player and then feed that signal to a TV.

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    Indeed, or if you have a camera spare with a DV in that can be used as a convertor, usually.

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