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    Can anyone recommend a good speaker system for a PC?

    I'm running Abode Elements 3.0 and the sound I get with my PC aset up is K, but I really noticed a difference once I burned to DVD and played it through my home AV system (Denon 5.1 amp and Mission speakers).

    So getting a better set up for editting would pay dividends for knowing what the end product would sound like on a full on system.

    Thanks in advance.

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    might not be the speakers at all. If you comparing stereo with yoru 5.1 saetup thent he stereo on the PC will always sound flat.

    Personally, I would never buy as good sound for my PC than I do for my home cinema but maybe what you need is a new sound card that supports 5.1 andget yoursefl some 5.1 speakers for your PC.

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