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Thread: What do you folks think of this music video?

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    Default What do you folks think of this music video?

    This is my fifth video. I was the production person and Justin Sanner is the pianist.

    Thanks for viewing.

    Here's the link:

    YouTube - Villa-Lobos Valsa da Dor

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    Quote Originally Posted by deanjohnson View Post
    This is my fifth video. I was the production person and Justin Sanner is the pianist. Thanks for viewing. Here's the link: YouTube - Villa-Lobos Valsa da Dor
    I observed two technical things that were turns offs. One was the jerky camera shots on the outside scenes. The second was the excessive strobing of the video. What kind of camera were you using?

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    I'm using the Panasonic AGDVC30 camera. I am presently looking for a stronger tripod for the fierce winds here in San Francisco to deal with the jerky camera problem.

    I'm confused on the word strobing. I looked it up and couldn't quite figure out what it meant in relations to this particular video. Could you please explain what you mean by "excessive strobing" in more detail? Where is it in this video? I'm not sure where it would be, or is it the entire video itself?


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    I think he means like this,

    It seems to happen with moving objects, you previous video did not have this problem may be something has changed.


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    Thank you. I'm not sure what is causing this strobing. I've noticed it on pretty much all the videos I've produced. When there is any kind of medium-to- fast motion. It's almost as if that when I upload to YouTube they change the format into a lower grade. The AVI file of this video is perfectly clear on my PC and has smooth motion, but as soon as I upload it to YouTube it ends up looking like this.

    Maybe I do not have one of the settings correct in the camera. The only setting I seem to be able to use on upload is MPEG1. MPEG2 or higher goes past the 100MB limit on YouTube.

    I have seen some perfectly clear videos on YouTube and the length of the videos I have in mind goes past the YouTube 10 minute maximum (or 100MB limit). I wish I knew how they were doing this, so I could up the quality (and even the length slightly) of my videos on YouTube.

    My camera is the Panasonic AGDVC30. The editing programme is Adobe Premiere Elements 3.0.

    Thanks for any suggestions. I appreciate it.

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    That's 'interlacing' not "strobing".

    When you export your video change you output setting to 'progressive' instead of 'interlaced'.

    I can't be bothered to explain interlacing right now....

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    Hello Mosh,

    I looked up interlacing, and this certainly does look like the problem I have with the videos. I'm in the States and I'm wondering where I would find the interlacing/progressive switch. Is it in the uploading programme (Premiere Elements 3.0) or in YouTube, or is it in the camera?

    I found an anti-vibration switch was turned ON in the camera and I have turned that OFF.

    Thanks for your help.

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    Hi Dean,

    It is sometimes in the menu of a camera (record or format options), but not always. It will also be an option when you export your edited video from your software.

    I don't use premiere anymore, so I'm a bit sketchy on where it will be, but usually when you've selected your output format (AVI, MPEG4 etc) there should be a few more options - find the video settings in the options and look for "scan mode" which by default will probably be set to 'interlaced', and simply change it to progressive.

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    Thanks to all who have responded to this thread.

    I am in the process of making another video and I will definitely look for this switch. I will also have a better tripod. Will see how it goes.

    Thanks again.

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