i have posted this here before but must ahave flucked up' 'cos couldn' get back in.

I got this bundled witH a PD170 It's pre-firewire i suppose.
still not sure to sell it or keep it for streaming from my macbook to tv at home
its as PCI card with a remote. it has vga adapter into the card and as well as rca inputs/ outputs assume video goes two way it may be able to stream to the tv out to an s video connection or evenm sic
it look like it could be useful
anyone know what sort of price these are going far?i looking sell so i can buy a decent chunky heavy manfrotto for my PD170?

Also selling a steadycam contraption(Provideography by triphtography.net)
Its great piece of kit and is made with a true gimbal. It works like a deam,got great footage if people here interested.
Just got the next model in the range so selling this one
It retails for $199.00 dollars plus postage and import taxes( anywhere between 25-50)
i want 130 pls postage or pick up if local
i'm after a decent manfrotto so may do a swap