Hallo everybody,
My name is Marco Campanella. I am an employee of Philips Research Eindhoven, and a Ph.D candidate. I am researching semi-automatic home video editing and I am collecting information on the place that home videos have in people’s life. I am interested in knowing why people use home videos, how often video is captured, whether and how it is edited, how much it is shared.
If you have even a basic experience in shooting video (e.g. with a camcorder, mobile phone, or a digital camera) or editing video, you can help me by filling in this questionnaire:
Questionnaire about use of home videos
It will take max. 15 minutes. Moreover, at any moment you can stop filling in the questionnaire, save your answers and finish it another time.
I am very grateful if you can forward this email to all your friends and to everybody who can be interested. This will help us to know the real needs of people and to develop better technology.
Your opinion is very valuable to us! Thank you very much!
Marco Campanella
Ir. Marco Campanella
Junior Research Scientist

Storage Systems and Applications
Philips Research Laboratories Eindhoven
High Tech Campus 34 (Room WB 4059
Postbox WB41)
5656 AE Eindhoven - The Netherlands

Phone: +31 40 27 47 899 Fax: +31 40 27 46 321
Email: marco.campanella@philips.com