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Thread: First Day With the Glidecam...

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    Default First Day With the Glidecam...

    Not 100% balanced and was my first night using it at all (especially on rollerblades!) (MPEG 1 - 1:36min - 23mb) (MPEG 1 - 1:36min - 68mb)

    Tell me what you think!
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    Looking good!

    Using inline skates is a method I use too. People always look at you funny, but it beats having to set up, and being resticted by dolly rails.

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    In terms of learnig how to use the glidecam, I would suggest that you ditch the rollerblades and try walking up and down in a straight line. This will give you a much better feel for what kind of moves you can get away with and how you need to hold your body.

    With respect to setup, you'll probably find that there's a trade off between the time spent setting to the glidecam and balance. Sometimes it's not pratical to spend time getting it perfect and you end up knowing roughly how to quickly set up the thing. there's a few threads with handy tips on balancing, so I suggest usng the search function for some gems.

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    Thanks for the comments guys, I shall be looking up those posts marc!
    taking impossibility to a whole new level

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