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Thread: Rendering - than importing to Encore?

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    Default Rendering - than importing to Encore?

    I'm new to Vegas, picked it up off Ebay and am really liking it. But, my problem is I created a slideshow of sorts that I want to turn into a DVD. I was going to use Encore to actually put the DVD together. So I created the video clip in Vegas and rendered it as mpeg-2, when I tried to import it into Encore it basically sat there saying it was importing but never actually finished. I ended up exiting out of Encore.

    I then tried to render it as mpeg-1, same thing. I took both mpeg files I had rendered and put them on a CD to go to a neighbors house who has Adobe Premiere Elements. When I imported them they came up with the default thumbnail thing Adobe uses when a file's invalid.

    I went back to Vegas and tried to render as an AVI, imported it into Encore but when I went to transcode it, it sat there. I never got an error it just never did anything.

    my question is what do I need to do to export it and have Adobe play nice with it? All 3 files I exported - Mpeg1, Mpeg2 & AVI play fine in WMP, GOM & WinDVD. I just can't get Encore to import them. Ideas what I'm doing wrong?

    I've tried different render settings, from default to changing some, not sure exactly what I'm doing wrong but this is annoying me.

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    It sounds like a codec problem, Try downloading a free codec pack off the web.

    Software Used:
    TGV Edius 6, TGV ProCoder 3, DVD Lab Pro. 2

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    Hummm, the codec pack I'm now is the Combined Community Codec pack, it doesn't have an Mpeg decoder I believe. That would be coming from WinDVD, but wouldn't both Encore & Vegas have their own built in mpeg encoders? I am confused at how to get Encore to open the Mpegs I've created in Vegas, if I have to replace the Mpeg codec what do you suggest I do? I could remove the C.C.C.P but like I said that doesn't deal with mpeg (unless I'm confused) and removing WinDVD will rid my system of DVD playback. If the compatibility problem lies in Encore I have no idea how to fix it, since the Mpegs play back fine in every player I throw them in. I don't know how to troubleshoot it beyond what I've done.

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