I'm not an audio guy. Going to start by saying that. My dads been in the business for many years, I still don't have the greatest handle on audio stuff.

Here's the dilemma. High paying client, we started a series of jobs with a while ago, still on our OLD machine (edit 6.0-great great software still in my opinion). They wanted cooler graphics, so we started using our CS2 Matrox system to send over graphic files through bnc and xlr cables, and just captured the clips off of adobe onto Edit. The audio it NUTS. Stuff that sounds 'good' volume coming off of adobe sends the digital audio level monitor off the charts in edit. The edit level monitor SITS in the red the entire time-audio is being sent directly system to system through XRL's.

Next I pass through my board first, have to pot down the inputs from the matrox system to -30Db to get gentle levels in edit(!?). Now the audio tracks captured to edit are noticably grainy and distorted to my ear. What is going on and why. Its not dirty or dusty pickups on my board either.

Why is the audio level monitor in Adobe (im not sure whether its an analog or digital) start at -40 and the top of the level monitor is 0Db, whereas in edit the level monitor is the standard -30(+)Db to +10Db...is there huge discepancy here? Playback levels on my adobe sequence hover around -24Db through -12Db and it sounds good in my monitors. A comparable level through my Edit machine occurs when the audio level monitor reads ~0Db in edit-where I'm accustomed to seeing it.