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Thread: Help! Cropping the bottom of the film

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    Exclamation Help! Cropping the bottom of the film

    Hi! Im completly new to sony vegas. I bought the sony vegas platinum 6.0 edition, and have no idea how to use it!

    My problem is, the footage that i need to use to make my video has subtitles at the bottom, now i want to crop out those subtitles from the bottom of the video so i have a neater video. To make it even, i guess i'll have to crop from the top as well, it'll make it look like widescreen....anyway, can someone please tell me step by step how to do this, like from importing the video till the end! Im sorry, but i really dont know my way round vegas, so step by step would be appreciated! Thankyou so much to anyone who helps!!!

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    If you wanna make it a widescreen, then go to Pan/Crop. Then pull down the Preset. It should say Default. But change it to Tv aspect ratio Widescreen. Its the 3 option.

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    If you really are that new, I strongly suggest you work your way through the "Show Me How" tutorials available in the Help menu. They're a really quick (and not at all patronising) way of getting to grips with the basics.
    Then, to do what you want, as Konartis9 says Pan and Crop are your friends. Search the help file and the net for tutorials. There are plenty out there now you know what you're looking for.

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    Load on track:
    >(click and drag media from the media tab at the bottom of the screen to the track of your choice)

    Wide screen effect:
    >right click on the media (in the track) and select-
    ... then just folo what the guy above me said about the preset widescreen

    PS: if the dimentions are wrong then just adjust it yourself by clicking and draging the big box on the right side...

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