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    Default Incomplete Render Stuff Help

    Ok, im a noob at vegas, i have version 7.0 full version.

    i upload all my stuff,edit them, and when i go to render it, i chose whatever is there. that didnt work so i tried atleast 30% of like everything. and i keep having the same problem. it starts to render then when it gets like :26 seconds into the movie it completes itself and the final thing is just 26 seconds long of a 3minute thing HELP

    oh i'd prefer it if u can email me your answer at

    but if not, here is good

    thank you i love you >.<

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    oh and when i say 30% of everything i meant like 30% of all the rendering possibilities, again im a noob

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    the render finishes in like 30 seconds and if its like it was asked to only render the first 26 seconds, which btw is the end of a scene dunno gah

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    Try unchecking 'render loop region only' in the Render As... dialog, or something along those lines.

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