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    Default Woodturning Video

    I'm very new to the world of video production. I just found this site earlier today. I'm in the process of acquiring both the equipment and skills to produce a series of woodturning instructional DVD's. As a board member of the American Association of Woodturners, I had a minor role in the creation of this video, which I placed on YouTube as a way to steer internet traffic to the AAW website. I'd love to know what you experts think of this effort. My skin is thick and there was little money invested in the video - it's less than 2 minutes. Thanks in advance.

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    I know a little about video editing, but funnily enough I don't know much about woodturning. So I sent the link of your video to my big brother (who is a wood turner).

    From the editing point of view, I though the video piece was well composed and presented, so not much to worry about on the technical side. My big brother enjoyed the video too (and has no doubt spent a bit of time on your WEB site). He did mention though that if the videos are to become an instructional series, then they may well benefit from some slow motion shots to illustrate some of the finer points.

    Well done I say!

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    Default wood turned me

    Very interesting video, so this is something you had produced for you..

    First it had me hooked from the start, and i am not a wood sort of guy, it was quite amazing to see this craft in action.

    About the video production, I agree with the other comments, and I would like to add that a type face was used to introduce a speaker, I feel this typeface was too fancy, and a little hard to read, simple typefaces work best on videos.

    There seem to be a few very similar shots used, the illustration being drawn is the one which stickes in my mind, and its best to not repeat scenes in a video like this.

    Thats it from me..


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