I am new to video capturing and I am trying to capture my Video 8's with this ATI theater 650. The capture card has no settings and when I capture a 120 minute Video 8 the result is two 4GB MPG files. The first file is normally playable and seekable in windows media player and video editing programs recognize it. The second file is playable but not seekable and video editing programs do not recognize it as an mpg. This is what has happened with all six videos I have done so far. I would be extremely happy to find out what is going on and what can be done with it. Oh and the captures are at a resolution of 720X480 which I think is not necessary? that high I mean but the card wont capture lower.

In continuation if I can get the above worked out I would like to compress these files to some more reasonable size. I was at least hoping that 120 minutes of Video 8 would fit onto a 4GB dvd. I am hoping to maybe fit even more. Any advice on how to compress it would be very very nice.

I appreciate any advice.