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    Hey guys, in Vegas, when I scroll my mouse wheel it increases/decreases the size or something, I was wondering if there was some hotkey I could hold while scrolling to actually scroll through footage? For example, hold CTRL and scroll to scroll left and right? It's definitely make things a lot easier, thanks!

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    Well there a scrubber beneith the time line and if you hold the alt key and press the right or left curser you can move a frame with each press or hold it down to scrub

    Software Used:
    TGV Edius 6, TGV ProCoder 3, DVD Lab Pro. 2

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    Thanks! But that's not what I really meant, I mean to move left or right to see the rest of the footage, I know about frame-by-frame progression I was just wondering if there was another way (Preferably using my mouse wheel) rather than having to move the 'scrubber' left and right, which can be inaccurate with longer footage, I hope that makes sense, if not let me know.

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    Hmmm . .

    So what IS it you want? If you want accurate (I'm presuming you mean "frame accurate" ?), Mousewheel-usage then it's: Ctrl+Shft+Mousewheel

    Is that what you are after?

    Personally, I have a Contour Shuttle Pro. This is on my left and lets me do what you after AND frees up my mouse to do "other" things too. The OUTER wheel of the CSP lets me traverse at high - 20x speed - and the INNER wheel is frame accurate


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    I figured it out, simply hold SHIFT while scrolling, that's what I meant.

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