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Thread: Looking for a tape transfer device

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    Default Looking for a tape transfer device

    I'm brand new to this stuff. I've just started to put together the equipment and software in order to produce a series of "How To" DVD's. One piece of advice that I received was to use a deck to transfer the mini-tape files to my computer instead of always using the camera. Can anyone point me in the right direction? I contacted a couple of electronic type businesses and they were no help. Who sells this and do you have any recommendations?
    Thanks, Malcolm

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    B and H photo sells a bunch of players, figure on spendind $400-1000 on one. They are not cheap. also check ebay, people are upgrading all the time. I would also stick with one brand of tape and only one brand, They all seem to use diffrent lube and you could end up with a sticky mess inside your camara and player.

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