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Thread: Filming live music, Whats best?

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    Default Filming live music, Whats best?

    Can anyone help?
    I'm looking to buy a camcorder and mic set up for filming live music mainly for posting on the internet.
    I've got a budget of 500-700 pounds but no idea what my money would be best spent on.

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    The Sony HandyCam HDR HC7 should fit with your need. Look at the reviews .
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    Get a senheisser shotgun mic. It has 360 degree sound and will pick up extremely well.
    For a sound system, you COULD use the mic jack system on your given camcorder OR you could use an external recording device (the external recording device is better).
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    Regardless of which mic you buy just make sure you buy a Mini DV camcorder, don't be tempted to purchase a Mini DVD or Hard Disk camcorder.

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    Hi, just wondering how your getting on with your search for a good camcorder and mike?

    Its just that i am looking for similar, i want to record both video and sound of local pub bands

    Thanks for any info



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