Morning All,

Really sorry to bring up a well used thread but could anyone give me advice on buying a cam up to 200 please.
It's going to be used for holidays etc but also recording my daughters dancing which is recorded indoor with low(ish) light.
I've been borrowing my neighbours Samsung which does give adequate indoor performance but not brilliant quality.
The dancing competitions are only held 3 -4 times per year so I'm not too hung up about outright indoor performance.
Results will be viewed on a 42" plasma, do I need wide screen recording or will the zoom facility on the tv suffice?
Could you advise on a short list please, if I've to stretch the budget I don't mind going to 250.
The JVC GR-D740 (180 at Jessops) seems to appreciated but please point me to the best all rounder in this price range.
Many thanks for your help.