I have been trying to import some footage that is in mpeg2 from dvd into movie studio.
The 1st dvd worked fine (only when going: file->import->from dvd camcorder etc).
When using he same method with the second dvd, as soon as the program starts the copy, the program shuts down with the message "An error occured. An Exception has occured"
I thought the problem must be with the disc itself or the files on it so it was taken back to the shop that captured it from mini DV. According to the guy at the place, the files are fine but the two dvds were captured on two different machines so the codec stuff could be slightly different..hence the problems.
Is there any programs I can download (free??) or anything I can do within vegas? Also the computer running movie studio does not go on the internet so could it be lack of updates?
Thanks for your help, I'm pretty sure the best footage is on the dvd I can't get to! Damn murphy.