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Thread: Please help! rendering problems

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    Default Please help! rendering problems

    I have been using Adobe Premier 6.5 for some time now, usually i would obtain my footage by capturing the files of standard digital camera. i have recently bought a sony hard drive camera which records files in mpeg form.

    when i add this to my timeline a red line appears above the footage (indicating that is must be rendered before it is played correctly)

    the only thing is that is does this before i have done anything to it, the footage from my old camera never did this, i would only have to render once i made changes to it.

    does anyone have any ideas, do i have my setting wrong or something?

    thanks everyone!

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    I'm not sure how it works with mpeg HD formats but with SD you need to render all video formats that aren't DV.


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    Its not High Definition or anything, just in mpeg format, where as my other cam produced avi types vids, any ideas please? i need to get this video started!

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    I get the same thing when I try and import video from my Canon Cam. In my case, Canon encodes
    its videos in AVI format (not sure what type of AVI), but Premiere doesn't accept it....saying
    it does not support it.

    What I've done to remedy this is import file into Windows Media encoder (which accepts
    file) and convert to WMV format. From there I can import into Premiere and edit. The quality
    suffers a tad, but it works.

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