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Thread: Slow motion & black and white

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    Question Adobe premiere- Slow motion / black & white

    I recently edited some footage using Adobe Premiere. For some of the footage I changed the duration speed to 65% and added a black and white effect from the video effects. I also added a cross fade transition between the clips. I repeated this process with about five clips. I rendered the footage, saved it and exported it as a mpeg2 file. I imported it to a encore project and transcoded it. I built the dvd project and burnt to DVD. When I play the DVD everything works fine but when it comes to the section where the footage is in slow motion & black and white the dvd player can't read it and stops playing. I've tried playing the DVD on two different stand alone players and the same thing happens. When I play it on my PC's DVD drive the slo mo and b&w works fine. Does anyone have any suggestions or solutions I could try to fix this.
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    1. Get a new DVD player. I find the cheap ones from RadioShack for $35 actually play many DVD-R formats.

    2. Reburn on a differant format DVD-R and retry.

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    I agree with NovaKid. I'd get a new DVD player. I find the older models to be quite
    temperamental when it comes to burnt DVDs.

    To remedy similar issues, I've exported the problem clip as an avi and imported back
    in and that seemed to work out. Not sure if it would in this case. Worth a try.

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