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Thread: Studio 11 and preview problem!!

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    Default Studio 11 and preview problem!!

    I switched to Studio 11 today (pathced to 11.1).. I have a major problem.. The video preview pane is empty.. Even if I try to play a simple video file, an imported DV or even AVCHD..

    Is there a new setting for this?

    I have Windows Vista!!!

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    Did some testing and found out that when the project format is on HD resolution there is no video shown on hte preview pane... Is there a codec problem maybe?:(

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    Does your HD video play okay in Media Player?

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    Yeap, it plays perfectly!!! :(

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    Does sound work?
    I recently bought the Ultimate version of Pinnacle Studio 11, and after trying it out, the video wouldn't play in the preview box, but sound worked. It soon settled after I installed the last two discs, but these were the bonus discs, and I think contained the 11.1 version. So, maybe you should try downloading the patch again?

    DirectX usually has a lot to do with the problems in Pinnacle. Check you've got DirectX 9 or 10.

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    Hi There

    Newbie here with exactly the same problem.

    I have a Sanyo HD1000. Files are previewed on the camera OK, copied to hard drive and viewed with Mplayer and Nero, but not in Studio 11.

    I have just reloaded patch 11.1.1 and upgarded to DirectX10. No joy.

    I have Studio Ultimate

    Help.... any other ideas.

    Who else do you turn to?

    Pinnacle doesn't seem to respond



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    How are you actually capturing them to your computer?
    It's probably a better idea not to make sure it works in Media Player and Nero, but more within Pinnacle if that's where you want it to work.

    Pinnacle as its own build in capture system. Plug in the camcorder and capture it through Pinnacle. It actually makes some of its own files in addition to the usual .avi files so that it can read them and understand where they are on your computer.
    It's an idea, try that.

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    I am having the exact same problem. All patches installed, DirextX 10 and all updated drivers, etc. and I get a black preview pane after one or two edits in the timeline and have to restart the program.

    Does Pinnacle have any solutions to this?? Seems like a serious problem.

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    I am having exact the same problem, after two or three edits the preview panel goes black
    I save the project, start Studio again, and the same still or movie shows perfect. After two or three edits , again the same problem

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    Default I fixed Videostudio 11,11.5,12 preview pane empty problem

    Hi There,

    I had the same issue like you that my Videostudio preview pane is empty.
    Once I download the latest DirectX from Microsoft which is Nov. 2008 DirectX and install it, my problem is gone.
    Here is the URL to download the latest DirectX

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