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Thread: Can't upload anything - help!

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    Default Can't upload anything - help!

    I know nothing at all about camcorders, so sorry if I don't use/understand the correct jargon.

    I just got my first camcorder, a Panasonic NV-GS60 (uses Mini DV). I presumed that I would be able to upload everything I film onto my computer to edit it, but when I read the instruction manual it didn't even mention how to connect the camcorder to the computer.

    I tried to plug the camera into the computer using the wires that came with the camcorder (the intruction manual didn't explain which wires were for what, but I've worked out one is for the AC adapter, so I presumed the other was to connect to the computer) but it didn't really fit anywhere in the back of the computer.

    I have some editing software, but I can't upload the movie......what do I do??

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    It might not include a firewire or usb cable, you can get one from staple, office depot or the like. Depending on how old your pc is it might not have a fire wire port. You can get a cheap fire wire card at those stores as well. Did your camcorder come with an install disc? you will need to find out what connection your camara has FW or usb, FW is better. One you plug it in and start the program it should detect your cam right away.

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    You certainly made a good choice in purchasing a Mini DV camcorder as opposed to some of the other formats. The best way to connect your camcorder to the computer is to use a Firewire or i Link or IEEE 1394 cable, it uses various nom de plumes. If you don't already have one then go to your local computer store and get one there. One end has a small connection that goes into the camcorder and the other end plugs into the Firewire connection on your computer. You may or may not have a Firewire connection on your computer, check the instruction manual or look at the spec on the side of the box to see if it is listed. If you don't have one then go back to your local computer store and purchase a PCI Firewire card, it will need to be fitted inside your computer into an empty PCI slot. You can do it yourself or get someone who has a bit more experience, it should only take five minutes and your ready to go.

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