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Thread: Best Software for A/V sync through speed modification?

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    Default Best Software for A/V sync through speed modification?

    Hi, I realized that most of my video editing falls under the same category. That category being syncing up key points in video with beats in audio by chopping up the clip and modifying the speeds. Up until now I have been using Vegas to accomplish this by first listening to the audio track and bookmarking all of the key beats, then chopping up / speed moding the video to sync up. The chopping is not a problem. However, I usually want the entire original clip to remain continuous, with speed up / slow down effects to emphasize the key frames / beats. Vegas can be kind of cumbersome for accomplishing this. The timing modifications / accel / decel effects are bulky and kind of difficult for me to perfect. I've been looking into power director, but I wanted some advice on what you guys though would be the best software / plugin to accomplish this (quickly). The quicker the implementation the better. As cutting down 12 hours for a 5 minute video to say... 5 hours would be amazing.
    Thanks, Rob
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    Hi Rob. Interesting technique you are using to match video points to beat markers. This is something we all do (matching beats or key audio moments with an edit point). I rarely speed up footage to achieve this affect, preferring instead to try and slip, slide or roll (if overall length is not set) an edit point, but it's very much down the to the individual editor.

    In response to your question, I don't know Vegas well enough to know whether it supports bezier curves within its effects. That to me would sound like what you want where you maintain a linear speed and then set a couple of keyframes between which you would introduce some kind of speed ramp. Premiere, for example, calls this time remapping if I recall correctly. If Vegas doesn't perform this function then I think you will need to invest in some compositing package which will allow you to (like After Effects, or Combustion). There maybe a plugin or something available for Vegas which will allow the same effect and asking in the Vegas forums may help you there.

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