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Thread: which Firewire?

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    Default which Firewire?

    I just recived my new computer-workstation but i don't have firewire card installed in it.I don't know which one is sutiable for my motherboard.It' s S5000Xvn server-workstation mb with this free slots :

    2 x PCI Express x4 (x8 Connectors)
    1 x PCI-X 100/133MHz
    1 x PCI-X 100MHz

    Here is picture of motherboard:

    Can anyone tell me what kind of fw should i buy.I belive is 1394b firewire but they have difrent slots also..


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    Any old firewire card that will fit one of your free slots.

    For example. the other weeks I found a three port firewire card at for just over 3 (UKP) for a PCI slot so they do not need to be expensive.

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